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Hybrid Outsourcing: Is It Truly Worth Your Business?

Looking for a hassle-free outsourcing approach to outsource your core business activities?

Want to know why hybrid outsourcing model is best to outsource your daily core business activities?

Searching for an ideal outsource partner that can take care of all your core business activities?

If yes, then read this article!

Over the years, or since the inception of outsourcing models, a large number of companies have been using three types of outsourcing approaches – offshore, nearshore and onshore. And they all have their own benefits and typically associate with expertise in certain skill sets, based on the training available in that geography.

However, the latest trend in outsourcing the core business activities to an outsourced partner in other geographies has been getting momentum with each passing day, thanks to the rigmarole-free advantages it provides to the organizations.

What is hybrid outsourcing?

Hybrid outsourcing model is the combination of all three outsourcing approaches that I discussed above. I mean it is a mix of offshore, nearshore and onshore. This model helps enterprises with the optimum solutions by aligning their expertise’s goals and needs with that of your outsourcing provider, while reducing your cost arbitrage.

This hassle-free hybrid approach helps organizations align with the ideal outsourcing services company and establish a dedicated offshore development center.

Best of all, you can implement the hybrid outsourcing model at different stages during the development cycle, but you have to be careful enough while making plans.

How does the hybrid approach work?

The model allows you to remotely establish a development team or other team by using an outsourcing company’s resources. As a result, the outsourcing partner can manage candidate screening and selection, project management, IT hiring, and deliverables. 

However, this outsourcing model demands an organization to dedicate some skillful and efficient resources and involve itself all through the phases of project development.

When to use the Hybrid outsourcing model?

Hybrid outsourcing is one of the most effective approaches when you

  1. Want to save costs without compromising on product quality
  2. Have shortage of onshore IT skills 

How beneficial the hybrid approach is?

When a business adopts a hybrid outsourcing model, it benefits your business with: 

  • No IT, HR and admin-rigmaroles as the 3rd party provider is delegated with all the tasks.
  • Less cost incur as you need not lend any office when it comes to  offshore team outsourcing
  • Access to a large pool of talent 

The hybrid approach works perfectly well with medium, small and large customers that can help with more control and flexibility for the product owner in different phases of product development and scaling up. So, the hybrid outsource could be a: 

  1. Blend of material and time model and fixed price model
  2. Dedicated model and Time and material model
  3. Fixed price model and the Dedicated model

However, the decision of adopting this model is based on several factors such as budget availability, project duration, product rollout plan and the product scale-up plans.  

What key points of this model help drive innovation in enterprise organizations?

  1. It prioritizes non-traditional problem-solving
  2. Most importantly, it looks to the future
  3. It promotes teamwork
  4. It localizes projects

Outsourcing is bound to undergo natural transitions, based on the changes in the demands, technologies and markets. From highly-siloed, IT-centric operations to outsourcing, all these shifts and changes help drive innovation within essential industries.

So, this model is disruptive and intriguing. And in near future, it may witness several considerable technological shifts using new models with new, innovative priorities.


Hybrid outsourcing model is a great way to curtail your business cost and boost revenue albeit the other two approaches also do the same. But, deciding which outsourcing approach will best cater to your business project needs is a little difficult task.

That’s why, before making a final decision, you need to do a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

By doing so, you will be able to figure out which outsourcing approach is best for your project. 

After reading the article about the Hybrid outsourcing model, we hope that you would like to know more about the company that can help you through the entire process of hybrid outsourcing model and guide you how this approach can benefit in your business growth.

If you have any questions about the Hybrid model or need some experts’ advice to get your projects and ideas, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

Serge Janssen Daalen
I love business operations and the magic of great tools. How we can improve the quality of the work and pleasure doing it.

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