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SAP Power: Check How Its 5 Great Apps Will boost your business productivity

SAP is not just the name of a company rather an enterprise resource planning system that helps SMEs with end-to-end solutions when it comes to taking care of the manufacturing, financials, logistics, distribution and many more functions of your company.

Now the question arises how it makes it all possible. Well, its simple answer is the integration of multiple components that cover almost every aspect of business management.

So, SAP is one of the most powerful and capable software solutions company with various easy to use apps that allow you to manage all your business functions effectively.

As a company, it stands at the #1 position in the ERP market today. Until today, it has been welcomed and installed by lacs of companies worldwide and offers more than 25 industry-centric business solutions and a large number of customers in over 100s countries.

Taking into account this software benefits, a large number of organizations are adopting this software system for the management of their day-to-day business activities.

Few software solutions developed by SAP AG since its establishment in 1972 include:

  1. R/1
  2. R/2
  3. R/3
  4. S/4Hana

What industry solutions It provides:

How does its solutions help SMEs?

With SAP modules, you can adapt continuously, run businesses profitably, and grow sustainably.

The software solutions allow every size of businesses to map and design their process.

They help in collecting and processing data on a single platform, whether it relates to raw material purchasing to production and customer satisfaction.

You cannot only install these solutions at your premise but also use them via the cloud, so letting companies and organizations analyze and design the value chain efficiently.

Besides, these solutions help create forecasts, such as when you should get your enterprise’s machine repaired or how much revenue they may get you in the next half year.

It also enables customers to seamlessly connect operational data onto your business processes with experience data on emotional factors, for example, purchase experience and customer feedback. Overall, these software solutions allow companies and organizations to better understand and respond to their customers.

Want to know how it boosts your business productivity?

Here are the top 5 apps that you can install and integrate to grow your productivity:


SAP FICO is the abbreviated form of FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling).

It is the most important component of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and both Finance and Controlling components help in collecting the financial transactions data.

FI helps in recording, collecting and processing financial transactions or data on a real-time basis to give the needed inputs for external (statutory) reporting purposes.

CO not only allows the management of a company and organization to make an informed decision but also help them with deep insights into their internal reporting.


Similar to other modules, this is also one of the most crucial components.

Full formed as Supply Chain Management, SCM helps in covering the areas of production planning (PP), business forecasting and demand planning. It also helps in keeping control of information flow and product flow throughout the organizations.

SCM comes in-built with other business processes including product discovery, development process, production planning process and material purchase process. The supply chain allows for supreme customer satisfaction with minimal costs to the enterprises.


SAP customer relationship management (CRM) helps support customer-based processes end to end.

The component helps in managing and maintaining the link with customers by the companies.

This CRM module also helps in acquiring customers and to its final termination.

The tool allows your company to gain a 360-degree view of your customers and various activities as accounts receivable (A/R), invoicing, fulfillment, delivery, and so on.

It also comes featured with the elements including supply chain management, product life cycle management, supplier relationship management in addition to various other modules.


SAP HR is also one of the most crucial modules by SAP AG. It helps in managing the overall employee life cycle and payroll. It covers almost all facets whether training or appraisal.

It also automates the entire record-keeping processes. The framework also works great for the HR department and thus helps manage the administration and payroll documents.


SAP APO (advanced planning and optimization) is one of the most crucial modules of SAP SCM (supply chain management).

Supply chain management is one of the most-worked-upon suites from the company, and allows you to effectively manage the supply chain of your business and adapts to regular changes.


After reading all about SAP, its modules and apps in this article, we hope that you want to know more about the SAP software solutions that can boost your business productivity.

If you have any questions about the SAP power or need some experts’ advice to get your projects and ideas, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

Serge Janssen Daalen
I love business operations and the magic of great tools. How we can improve the quality of the work and pleasure doing it.

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