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6 Great Benefits of Installing CRM In Your Organization

Every day there is a new technology, app, or widget promising to make your business processes smoother, and its representatives more efficient, productive, and effective.

While certain technology has truly turned out to be more effective than others, one sales technology that is undoubtedly getting immense momentum with each passing day these days is customer relationship management (CRM) software.

In this insightful and informative article, you will learn about the six great benefits a CRM platform provides to the organizations provided it is deployed or installed properly.

CRM & its benefits

A CRM helps organization in managing their interactions with their potential and existing customers.

It helps create their customer relationships and streamline their business processes so they can improve their customer service, increase customer service and profitability.

Best of all, it also flags the potential leads that need your follow-up or additional nurturing.

So, say goodbye to manually maintaining and managing the spreadsheets or basic databases!

A study says, “Companies with a fully-utilized CRM system can increase sales by 29%.”

Here are the six great benefits of installing and integrating a CRM system in your organization:

  1. Maintaining all crucial data of a sales org in a central database

With the installation of a CRM in your organization, you can easily and efficiently keep a record of all prospects information — for any longer time — in a central database.

The ultimate software solution helps organizations with quick cross-team access and the ability for hassle-free management of all information through a shared location.

What’s more?

Leveraging this advanced and feature-packed tool, representatives in your organization can save lots of time that they waste in digging through records and files when they need details about any prospects to either close the deals or follow-up.

  1. Managing all communication and interactions with prospects
Whether it is internal communication (rep to rep) or an external one between rep to prospect, the CRM helps you manage both communications in the best possible manner.

It also enables reps to keep track of the entire journey of your customer(s) (from his/her beginning to end), such as his/her interaction, emails, phone call, and many more.

It reminds your reps whether they’ve sent a prospect the resources they asked for or not.  

  1. Automating the process of data entry

When your organization has a CRM installation, your team doesn’t need to spend time in logging emails, calls, interactions, and meetings because the already deployed CRM automatically collects and aggregates all of this information within the system.

Besides, it keeps reps updated with all the deals as soon as they are in, and the rest (e.g., weighting, summation, visualization) is automatically handled by the system itself.

Thus, it makes the entire process completely efficient for everyone involved in there.

  1. Scaling your sales processes, based on your business growth

As I discussed above, a CRM facilitates your sales team with one such place from where it can review prospects, leads and customers for any longer time. Using it, you can also keep track of essential activities such as calls, emails, and meetings booked.

Sales managers then take advantage of this information to find patterns and check which sales processes are working for their team and which ones need improvement.

This is how it helps your sales team use the data and scale the sales process, based on your business growth.

  1. Segmenting and filtering your customers information

A CRM is also helpful when your reps want to build a contact list to reach out on a pre-defined criteria.

It helps you in sorting contacts of the information that you have collected about them so far.

For instance, it allows you to filter the data by location, organization size, or deal stage.

This way, a properly deployed CRM helps your team members to be well-informed of how to place outreach for each segment, bolstering the possibility of conversion. 

  1. Growing with your business growth

The beauty of a CRM software is that it grows with the growth of your organization.

Whether you organize more contact details, track more leads, or keep a record of interactions with prospects, it will continue to grow with the growth of your business. 

And this isn’t just confined to your sales org but also helps other team members in your org.

A few examples are marketing & customer service — these teams can contact your prospects by pulling their information from the stored data, customize content for them, personalize product details & CTAs, based on their business needs, and more.

If you aren’t still satisfied with what a CRM platform can do to increase your business growth, you can check the five more statistics that will further prove its value.

  • On an average, up to 73% of sales reps have adopted and become the CRM user.
  • Up to 91% of businesses with over 11 employees are already using this platform.
  • It helps enhance customer retention and satisfaction rates. 
  • It reduces sales cycle by improving data accessibility.
  • It boosts sales up to 30%.


A CRM platform not only helps in boosting productivity amongst representatives in your organization, centralizing all prospects data, assisting your team members but also in closing more deals, and nurturing further important business relationships.

Excited to know how a CRM can improve your customer retention and satisfaction rate?

Want to know how a CRM helps in boosting conversions and impacting your bottom line?

Spire is here to help you through the entire process and benefits of having CRM in your org.

Serge Janssen Daalen
I love business operations and the magic of great tools. How we can improve the quality of the work and pleasure doing it.

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