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CRM Integration: Know Why You Need This Powerful Software In 2021

Day by day, CRM is becoming an inseparable part of businesses of all sizes. Though the concept of CRM is not new, for the versatility and powerful effects on businesses, no company can ignore the importance of CRM. In the modern age of digitalization, CRM is evolving like many other solutions. CRM integration is the latest addition to that arsenal.

This article will discuss CRM integrations, how you can integrate CRM into your system, and how you can benefit from it. So without any further due, let’s get started. 

What Is CRM Integration?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software system that helps manage, organize, and track all the data related to your customer’s behavior. It is a strategic tool that allows the marketing, customer service, sales, and operation team to better understand how your customers interact with your business. It also keeps track of the customer activities and conversations with your company for future references.

But, a CRM can do much more. All the data that CRM manages becomes the most valuable when contributing to creating a single customer view through CRM integration.

In other words, CRM integration is the method to make the CRM and any other third-party software (or your website) work together seamlessly. 

CRM integrations can help you understand your customer better and provide them with the best products and services.

This will also help to expand the functionalities of your CRM and increase efficiency. 

How To Integrate Your CRM System? 

Audit Your Existing Data

CRM system thrives on data. Once you have integrated your CRM, more and more data will keep coming.

Make sure to order your existing data and check if your database has any inconsistency, repetition, error, or abnormalities. Once your database is in good shape, you can get started with the integration. 

Build A Solid Foundation

Once you are happy with your database, it’s time to select the data points you want to add and start building a solid foundation for your CRM integration. This will create a dynamic and powerful profile for each of your contacts.

Start selecting the data points you want to add to the business ID system, firmographic information, technographic information, and signal data. This will allow you to improve your lead and accounts scoring models and improve customer satisfaction on multiple levels. 

Integrate With Other Tools And Systems

It’s time to connect all the other tools into your stack that you’ll be using. Once you are done, the system will start compiling all the relevant pieces of information into the specific contact list that resides in your CRM.

When the integration is complete, your system will provide you with a clear picture of every customer’s life cycle, enrich your inbound leads, and increase overall customer satisfaction. 

Which CRM integrations are essential for your business? 

There are a number of possible CRM integrations that can help you revolutionize your business. It would be best if you chose which CRM integrations you will apply depending on your unique set of requirements.

Let’s have a look at the most prominent CRM integrations that can make your job a lot easier.

  • Email Integration – For dynamic access to the inbox.
  • Calendar Integration – To sync up all of the events and meetings.
  • Social Media Integration – To gain valuable insights from social platforms.
  • Team Communication Integration – To make business communication smoother. 
  • Calling Software Integration – To streamline the calling process.
  • Ecommerce Integration – To make online transactions easy and reliable.
  • Document Integration – To organize all the documentation neatly. 
  • Data Collection Integration – To learn more about your leads. 
  • Live Chat Integration – To engage more with your customers. 
  • Media Integration – To organize successful media campaigns. 

How can CRM Integration improve Sales performance?

Now that you have known about the implementation and types of CRM integration, let’s look at how CRM integration can improve your sales performance.

Turn Leads To Customers

All the companies have one thing in common. They all want to maximize their conversion, meaning they want to turn leads into customers. Integrating a CRM can help a lot as it works as a bridge between the sales and the marketing team. This will provide your company with a seamless communication service and make your decision-making process faster. 

With the help of CRM integration, you have the authority to explore the challenges, preferences, and goals of your leads, enabling you to engage with your potential leads in a relevant manner and improve your relationship with them. This will also make your business communication smoother.

Build A Sustainable Relationship 

As you will have access to all the crucial information about your customers, building a sustainable relationship with them will become much easier through CRM integrations.

You will have access to your customer demands at every stage of the relationship. You can use this information to reach out to more customers and fulfill customer demands, building a closer, sustainable relationship between your company and your customer. 

One thing crucial to every business is, keeping in mind that what an organization delivers to its customer is just as important as how it is delivered. Finding out what motivates your customer, what irritates them, and how you can make the relationship with their customer deeper is the primary key to building a sustainable relationship. And with investing in a CRM integration, that job becomes a lot easier. 

Reduce The Cost of Sales

Getting new leads is not as easy as it sounds. Some studies show that the chance of selling your products to new leads is a mere 5-20%, whereas the possibility of selling your products to your old customers is 60-70%. So building a sustainable relationship with your old customers will help reduce your sales cost.

With the help of CRM integration, you will have an in-depth analysis of your customer demands, their spending behavior, generic information, and many more. With all this information, it will become really easy to build an effective relationship and elevate your sales. You can also use the CRM integration to improve sales efficiency and reduce operation time, reducing your overall cost. 

Improve Customer Retention 

Improving customer retention is another significant way to increase your profit margin. According to some studies, if you can elevate your customer retention Statistics by 5%, that can increase your profit up to 95%. With the help of a CRM integration, you will have all the necessary data to satisfy most of your customers, find out about your strong suit, and present your customers with the right solutions at the right time. 

CRM integration will help you to provide your customers with the most satisfying purchases and service experiences. Your customers will keep coming back to you for more, improving your overall customer retention as well as your profit margin. You will have the ability to take the products out of the market that are not satisfying your customers or introducing a new product depending on your customer demands. This will create a better customer relationship. 


The relationship with customers is crucial to the growth of any business. CRM integrations can help you automate the whole process, improving efficiency like never before. It can be the future of customer relationships for many companies. The more efficiently you manage the relationship with your customer, the more your company will grow. 

Need support on your integration project? I will be happy to answer them.

Don’t forget to inform us about what you think the best advantage of an CRM integration is. I wish you all the very best of luck. 

Serge Janssen Daalen
I love business operations and the magic of great tools. How we can improve the quality of the work and pleasure doing it.

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